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FY 2015-16:

This year the Hope for Cancer patients (HCP) was founded in New Delhi. Basic foundation was laid out in this year and basic sensitization about its aims and objectives were done with some of the key stakeholders. HCP got its website made, a dedicated bank account was opened and it chose some of its volunteers and mapped the way forward. It decided that awareness about cancer is a big gap in the society. It made a charter of plans and decided few focus areas. It carefully chose government schools where poor kids get educated. This group of kids, their teachers needed support by way of knowledge and information sharing. HCP also chose few slums and villages where another set of vulnerable population lived. Idea was to spread awareness amongst women, men and kids that they themselves were responsible for their health, hygiene and happiness. HCP also chose few hospitals in Bangalore where cancer afflicted patients were treated.

The first year was spent fruitfully in preparing the ground for the future action.





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